REACH Wins International Award!

We’re delighted with the news that the REACH Certificate of Effective Practice in Gifted Education has won the coveted NAGC Professional Development Network Award, to be presented to director Rosemary Cathcart on behalf of the REACH team at the 3000-delagate NAGC convention in North Carolina this November.

But just what is this award, and what does it mean for New Zealand?

The NAGC is America’s National Association for Gifted Children, a very influential body with members like Joseph Renzulli and Linda Silverman and many other leading figures in this field. To win an award from this association is enormous recognition for REACH – and for gifted education in New Zealand. It’s a unique achievement for any course in this country.

It’s also your assurance that working with REACH means you get access to the very best possible quality professional development. The judges described our course as “outstanding in calibre and sustainability”. And the skills and knowledge we’ve built into that course, we’ve also built into all our other professional development work, including our whole-school PLD package.

You can read about both course and package on our Teachers’ Page, and remember, if you have any queries or would like to discuss your needs with us, just email us at