2. The REACH Model: a framework for understanding


A good model in any field is based on the work of researchers and experienced practitioners. It gives us specific direction for planning, and it helps us to see why particular strategies are necessary or valuable and why they work while others don‘t. Thus it helps us to make good choices about what we do.

The REACH model is a student-centred, holistic framework that helps teachers to understand the very different needs gifted learners bring to the classroom. It gives teachers a sound knowledge basis for planning lessons that include gifted learners. It is linked to a raft of practical and teacher-friendly strategies.

It is built around five key concepts ... [To find out what they are, click here!]

  1. What does it mean to be "gifted"?
  2. The REACH Model: a framework for understanding.
  3. Conceptual understanding: a framework for planning.
  4. The Multi-Dimensional Model: a framework for teaching.