More PLD


1. Is our school “gifted-fit”?

What should we look for in order to answer that question? Is it enough to have a regular weekly programme in place for the learners whom teachers see as the most able? How do we know if that programme is effective? Are there other things we need to consider? What if we have no programme at all? Where should we start?

REACH Education has developed a unique PLD package specially designed to help you answer that question for your school.
Carefully structured to meet varying degrees of existing staff knowledge and practical expertise in this field, this package will enable you to assess your school’s current provision for gifted learners in the light of research and best practice.
Our first step will be to conduct a status analysis of your existing provisions, including ...

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2. Workshops

In the past we have provided face-to-face workshops on a wide range of gifted-related topics. We are moving now almost completely to online provision, largely because it enables us to create opportunities for practice and feedback. This is more effective in supporting teachers than the traditional one-off event where there may be no tutor follow-up. However, our arms have been twisted before now ... it's always worth asking!

Watch this space ... we have other ideas in the pipeline for a bit later on.