Why is our director flying off to the US?
When? Where? And you can go too!

A special international Child-Centred World Symposium is being held 24 April 2020 in Westminster, Colorado, USA, the very first ever to focus exclusively on a child-centred approach to understanding and working with giftedness.

Child-Centred World Symposium

This is an approach which recognises the intense inner life of the gifted child and the consequent implications for his or her interaction with everything and every person he or she meets – both the positives as well as the issues. With delegates already booking in from various countries, we’re delighted that our director has been asked to be second speaker at this symposium, following on from Dr Michael Piechowski, a recognition of her work in this field, child-centred from her first involvement back in the mid-80's right through to the present day.

You can go too! - click here to open the flyer with full details!